What is an e-invoice?Expand

e-Invoice means electronic invoice. It is obligatory to use all businesses with annual turnover of 5 million TL and above. In addition, EMRA licensed companies, companies engaged in suitcase trade, motor vehicle manufacturing, importers, advertisers to sell goods via the Internet, public institutions and organizations must use e-Invoice. Who should use the e-Invoice service?Expand

There are two types of use, the first one is individuals and institutions that are obliged to use under the law, the second are volunteers who want to voluntarily switch to e-Invoice service.However, in order to keep up with today’s digital transformation, companies that do not have to switch to e-invoices also switch to e-Invoices.What is the e-Invoice transition obligation?Expand

It is an e-Invoice transition service, which has the same quality as the paper invoice, which has been made compulsory for the persons and institutions in the communiqué by the Revenue Administration. The e-Invoice contains all the information that should be included on the paper invoice, and the mutual invoice transmission between the buyer and seller takes place electronically. What is the cost of switching to e-Invoice?Expand

First of all, there is a fee you will pay for the financial seal you will receive from the RA. This seal is taken every 3 years. Then, costs vary according to the needs of each company. Please contact us to find our product that best suits your needs. Can e-Invoice be sent to all customers?Expand

People and institutions that are e-Invoice users send e-Invoice to all their customers who are e-Invoice users, and send e-Archive Invoice to their non-e-Invoice customers. What are the advantages of the e-Invoice solution?Expand

  • Paper, printing, mail and archiving costs are eliminated because the invoices are transferred to the electronic environment.
  • In billing and accounting processes, speed increases, time is saved and trade speeds up.
  • Invoices are reliably stored electronically, archives full of rooms, and storage costs become history.
  • Your documents, invoices are not lost, old documents and invoices are reached within seconds when necessary.

What is the e-Invoice Portal Solution?Expand

The e-Invoice Portal Solution provides the basic functions of the e-Invoice application over the internet. It allows you to manually send and receive e-Invoices through the e-Invoice portal provided by RA. What is the difference between e-Invoice and e-archive?Expand

In e-Invoice, e-Invoice can be sent and received only to users registered in the system.

e-Archive, on the other hand, ensures that invoices issued to companies and consumers outside the scope of e-Invoice are issued electronically and the second copy is electronically maintained and submitted.

In e-Invoice, the invoice is transmitted to the recipient electronically and the paper cannot be printed out, and in the e-Archive, the invoice can be transmitted both electronically and in paper.

While UBL-TR format is mandatory in e-Invoice, the desired format can be used in e-Archive.

In the e-Archive, the documents are approved and stored with a financial seal and a timestamp, and there is no time stamp in the e-Invoice.

Each invoice sent in the e-Invoice is first sent to the RA, and in the e-Archive, RA is informed only at the end of the month with a report.

One of the RA Portal, Integration and Special Integrator methods is used in e-Invoice. E-Archive users can use the Private Integrator or their own information systems with approval.Can e-Invoice with past date be issued?Expand

According to Tax Procedure Law, the invoice must be issued within 7 days after delivery of the goods or services. However, it is not prevented to issue a technically dated invoice.Why should I prefer Melasoft e-Invoice?Expand

Whatever your current software, Melasoft allows you to use e-Invoice applications quickly and securely. From the e-Invoice solutions developed in line with your needs, you choose the most suitable for your company and pay as much as you use.

You can reach our technical support instantly for all your questions about e-Invoice.

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