e-Invoice for Turkey

What is e-Invoice?

e-invoice; It is the general name of the system that enables taxpayers to send and receive invoices according to the standard and format determined through the Revenue Administration (RA) system.

The aim is to create a safe, time and cost saving system between the seller and the buyer according to a single format and standard.

e-Invoice has the same legal qualities as paper invoice.

Melasoft e-Invoice

The invoices created in the SAP system are converted to XML / UBL-TR format and sent to RA; It is ensured that the e-Invoice received is saved in the SAP system and archived on Private Integrator servers.
Invoices created in SAP are subject to XML / UBL-TR mapping. Approved invoices are signed with a financial seal, sent to the Revenue Administration and the situation is monitored.

Advantages of e-Invoice
  • Saving on paper, printing, postage and operating costs
  • Quick and easy access to all invoices with digital archive
  • Facilitation of accounting processes and shortening of the payment process
  • Data standardization
  • Effective time management
  • Environmentally Friendly System

OUTGOING INVOICE                                                                          

Invoices produced in SAP are associated with the invoice groups created on Melasoft SAP e-Invoice cockpit and sent to the e-invoice recipient by sending them to the RA through a private integrator.


Invoices received through the integration of Private Integrator are displayed in the Melasoft SAP e-Invoice cockpit, passing through the relevant approval mechanism, and the approved invoices are registered in the system..