Melasoft e-Invoice Conversion Stories

Harmonizing e-invoice interoperability standards

By invoiceadmin | Nis 27, 2020

The electronic landscape is growing rapidly, and the need to align the standards for interoperability models between e-invoice service providers has never been more present. 2019 saw the implementation of the Turkey standard for e-invoicing, but finding common ground for standardised processes in electronic data exchange between taxpayers and their technological service providers remains an […]

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How to ensure compliant e-invoicing

By invoiceadmin | Nis 21, 2020

Why is e-invoicing compliance important? For our clients, e-invoicing compliance is a ‘necessary evil’, as they need to be able to handle VAT and other taxes correctly in order to not incur fines or other penalties, and, of course, to be able to make VAT deductions correctly. At Melasoft, we are passionate about simplifying operations […]

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Hybrid Invoice

By invoiceadmin | Mar 26, 2020

India is moving towards a mandatory e-invoice model. In practice, this means that e-invoice will already be used voluntarily by 2020. This was confirmed by the Indian Goods and Services Tax Network (GST). GST is the competent authority that enables countries to use e-invoice standards to ensure interoperability in all networks of e-invoice. E-Invoice plan […]

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e-InvoiceWho will use e-Invoice ?

By invoiceadmin | Mar 12, 2020

With the introduction of electronic and internet in our lives in recent years, we have become completely dependent on computers and the internet. Especially in recent years, computers have been used in all workplaces. Phone or computer takes place in our entire life and with the addition of another feature day by day, it strengthens […]

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e-Invoice Application Process

By invoiceadmin | Mar 10, 2020

With MELASOFT, which is with you throughout the e-Invoice application processes, this process is easier and trouble-free for you. In order to apply, all you have to do is to log on to the website and follow all the steps of this process and contact the company. Application Process MELASOFT, which has been leading the […]

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Digital Transformation in e-Invoice Application

By invoiceadmin | Şub 23, 2020

For companies operating in Turkey in 2019, in terms of tax arrangements and electronic invoices it has been an active year. The scope of the e-invoice application has increased gradually since 2012, when it was first introduced, and now companies have to comply with the legal regulations introduced for 2020 and beyond. According to the […]

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What is an Electronic Invoice?

By invoiceadmin | Şub 20, 2020

While renewed technology and many applications in the developing world enter into our lives, it provides a more comfortable life and provides certain conveniences in business life. Thanks to the internet, which has become an indispensable element of our lives with the development of technology, invoice inquiries can now be easily handled. e-Invoice is a […]

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