e-InvoiceWho will use e-Invoice ?

With the introduction of electronic and internet in our lives in recent years, we have become completely dependent on computers and the internet. Especially in recent years, computers have been used in all workplaces. Phone or computer takes place in our entire life and with the addition of another feature day by day, it strengthens its place in our lives. The question of who will use e-Invoice, another innovation that has entered our lives, is asked by many people.

E-Invoice is the electronic preparation of the invoices we use. These invoices are not printed on paper and are sent to buyers and sellers via computer.

This application is expected to be an application used in all kinds of trading transactions in the future.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of e-Invoice now can benefit. It is obligatory to use e-Invoice for companies with annual sales of more than 25 million TL and companies with mineral oil licenses and companies that sell and sell cola soda, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products with annual sales of over 10 million TL.

What are the Advantages of e-invoice ?

The e-Invoice system also has many advantages for your company. Thanks to this system, you get rid of costs such as paper, ink, and mailing. Your bills will no longer be lost. With the help of computer, you can easily and quickly prepare your invoices.

Since your invoices will be archived electronically, you will get rid of an obligation like invoice storage. Since you will not use paper, you will reduce paper intake and consumption and thus follow an environmentally friendly policy.

After you register for the e-Invoice system once, all invoices you will issue will be e-Invoice. A financial seal will be determined for your company. The duration of these seals is 3 years.
Companies registered in the e-Invoice system should also be registered in the e-ledger system. If the counterparty you have invoiced has not switched to the e-Invoice system, you can bill the company. If you switch to the e-Archive system, you can issue an electronic invoice to these companies. Contact us.