What is an Electronic Invoice?

While renewed technology and many applications in the developing world enter into our lives, it provides a more comfortable life and provides certain conveniences in business life.

Thanks to the internet, which has become an indispensable element of our lives with the development of technology, invoice inquiries can now be easily handled.

e-Invoice is a service that allows access to all the invoice archives that can be accessed thanks to the service providers on the internet.
Using this service, all old invoices in the archive and the latest invoice information can be accessed. In addition to the fact that all the invoices transferred to the electronic environment can be easily accessed over the internet thanks to today’s technology, they have also got rid of the risk of disappearance, which is frequently encountered in the old archive warehouses.

These systems, which are very important in business life and which companies use, especially include accounting and finance applications. Thanks to the e-Transformation portals, companies can easily make transactions in these areas. The e-Transformation portals offered by the companies also provide the opportunity to save money in terms of cost and time.

e-Invoice, we can say that this type of invoice is actually no different from regular invoices. The invoice that you will send to the other company subject to the e-Transformation portal can be sent as an e-Invoice. However, if the company to which you will send invoices does not use the e-Transformation portal, different applications are included: e-Archive Invoice

Electronic Invoice

e-Archive Invoice is an electronic invoice type that travels among users who are not e-Invoice payers. Unlike e-Invoice, it can also be sent to end users.

With e-Transformation applications, including e-Archive and e-Invoice, companies also have the advantage of performing many transactions in cloud data storage environment. This application, where information can be stored for 10 years, enables companies to have instant access to data.

Your company, which will switch to e-Transformation, will achieve optimum cost while at the same time saving a great deal of time. E-Invoice applications that increase work efficiency enable you to perform your billing transactions more reliably and practically.

You can ensure that your personnel work in a better system within the system where costs such as invoice printing and sending are eliminated. You can also check what you are doing in the system by checking at any time. You also have the opportunity to learn about recent transactions and many more.

In order to answer the question of how to make an e-Invoice inquiry in the current system, it is necessary to first access the e-Invoice application used by the Revenue Administration. We can provide an advanced service that provides access to e-Invoice archives over the digital infrastructure provided by our company, as well as inquiring the invoices transferred to digital media by using the system of direct revenue management.

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